Elect Andrew Engell

for 7th District Legislature Position 1

November 2024


Andrew Engell has lived in the Colville area since he was 9 years old. He has been married to his wife Celeste for more than 15 years and is father to 4 children,

His diverse work experience includes many years working for his dad in construction, welding, farming, and managing affordable rental units in addition to the past 7 years serving people in the Congressional office in Colville.

A Message From Andrew

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“Andrew Engell has my full support in his campaign to represent the 7th Legislative District, Position 1. With more than seven years of dedicated service in the congressional office as Deputy District Director, Andrew knows the people and the issues impacting our region. Andrew will bring a new generation of conservative leadership to Olympia. He is a dedicated husband and father, a small business owner, and legislative aide who is passionate about bringing hope to families and small businesses. Andrew has a heart of compassion and commitment to serving our community and has a knowledge of the issues to make a difference.” – Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers

“Andrew and his family were already an established entity at the Chewelah Farmers Market when I came on the scene in 2012. Andrew and his wife Celeste, were vendors selling farm vegetables and quality crafted skincare products. Andrew’s mom was also a vendor and brought with her Andrew’s younger siblings to many of the markets. I knew them all. I had the pleasure of witnessing the interactions of a close-knit loving family. On a more professional level, I sat on the market’s board of directors with Andrew and discovered a young man, soft spoken, a man that used his words thoughtfully and articulately. I believe Andrew Engell will represent our 7th legislative district with integrity, honesty and a sincere concern for the rights of people that are being impacted by the economic challenges in his district.” -Deborah Barbee

As a teenager my dad took me to a candidate forum in Colville when Tony Delgado was running his first race for Stevens County Commissioner. I still remember bring impressed with him and talking with my dad about him and the other candidates on the drive home. He served for 8 years as county commissioner. It is an honor to receive his endorsement.